Land, Water and Resource Council

The Aki Nibi (Land, Water and Resources) Council is to operate when the Grand Council of the Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan is not in session.  This Council works within the governance relating to all conservation, stewardship and management of Land and Water of Treaty 2 territory, as authorized by the Land and Water Protection Act.

The Land and Water Council duties and responsibilities include: Oversee the process of drafting the Lands and Water Protection Act, and Regulations.  The process shall include consultation with Anishinaabe communities in Treaty 2 territory: adoption, implementation and administration of said legislation.

Commission expert studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, review reports, make recommendations, draft laws, by-laws and regulations pertaining to stewardship and management of Lands, Water, Flora and Fauna in Treaty No.2 territory. Oversee and direct senior officials in discussion and negotiations on the behalf of the Land and Water Council with Canada, Manitoba, industry and business.

Each Anishinaabe member Nation appoints one individual to the Council.

  • Chief Cameron Catcheway, Skownan (Chair)
  • Owen Stagg- Dauphin River
  • Darren Mousseau, Councillor – Ebb & Flow
  • Barry Bone, Councillor – Keeseekoowenin (Vice Chair)
  • Albert Shorting, Councillor – Little Saskatchewan
  • Dwight Paul, Councillor – Lake Manitoba
  • Chris Traverse, Councillor – Lake St Martin
  • Trevor McDonald, Councillor – O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi
  • Kurvis Anderson, Councillor – Pinaymootang
  • Ken Catcheway, Councillor – Skownan

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